ComicCon New York

Fantastic time taking pictures at Comic Con New York last weekend.


There were some amazing Cosplay costumes and actors. There was a complete range from simple costumers to elaborate professionally looking with incredible makeup.

I really enjoyed the makeup of artist Jacque Lombardo @jacquelombardo on Instagram.

I saw that many of the photographers were taking pretty standard shots of the full body costumes. To me, that was like taking photos of fireworks. Even in poses I wanted to do something different.

I chose to photograph as I was capturing the people in the costume like a portrait.

I was hoping to photograph them differently then the standard cosplayer shots and something more pleasing an enjoyable to a non-cosplayer.

I did get some atmosphere shots and I toyed with these Crystal Palace captures with either Maria the Princess or the Harley Quinn.

More atmosphere.

It was a treat photographing so many people in colorful outfits.


I met some remarkable people who I hope to connect with again. Author Jessica Carson and actor/musician Thomas J. Bellezza and actor Katrina Perkins.

Thank you Kelsey, Kayla, and Max. I had a great time.

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