Brooklyn Tweed Ride 2016

An unseasonably warm day on Sunday for the annual Brooklyn Tweed Ride 2016. Meeting at Grand Army Plaza in front of Prospect Park in Brooklyn the sweltering tweeded riders met for a group photo and to begin their route.

After a short time to gather, Steve Rosen put everyone together for a group photo.


Although I was just there to get a few photos, there was Steve Rosen, the event photographer, there to capture more formal photographs.

My love of tweed was my first priority and of course Adam was impeccable in true vintage.


Maria looked fantastic and was a pleasure to talk to again.


Matthew and Michelle.


Everyone looked so amazing in their outfits and shared a love of the style.




I really enjoyed capturing everyone with the fall colors in the background. It is my favorite time of year.



D Jill Rosie.









John and Matthew





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