Edinburgh Scotland 10/2017

I joke with friends that I have more friends in Scotland then I do in NYC. It feels like that sometimes. So when I needed to get away from the drama in the city, it was not a difficult decision where I needed to go for soul soothing.


Lets start this by talking about Edinburgh.


The city is very international and usually includes a fair number of tourists. October was pretty quiet and I did not have to compete for space among crowds of visitors. It was quite peaceful and relaxing.


I stayed with my bestie Yemi, Yemi King Photography, in Stirling, which is centrally located between Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Perfect to connect with friends in most areas of this region.



Easy access allowed me to wander and relax among the restaurants, pubs, and sights of this great old city.


The monuments and buildings had a character of their own and flourished in the night’s light. I was quite happy strolling the area and just enjoying and taking in all the sights and sounds of the city.




The days and evenings spent in Edinburgh also included amazing food, whisky and Cuban cigars. What a thrill it was to sit outside Dirty Dick’s on Rose Street with mussels, haggis, Islay single malt whisky and a cigar by myself in a very light drizzle watching the people walk by. It did not bother me in the least that I know my picture was taken about a half dozen times.


Time with friends in Edinburgh included of course Yemi, Alan, and a visit and fitting at my friends Dan and Vixy at Stewart Christie & Co., the 300 year old bespoke tailor in Edinburgh.



I did not get into a museum or monument, but they touched me nonetheless. I expect future trips will include those.


It was a fantastic time to stroll and take pictures or sit and chat with friends or meet new people.


I will write soon about the other places I saw and the people I met or visited with. Scotland to me was much more then the places. It was the people.


I will be back soon.


Stay tuned for Stirling, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, and Glencoe.


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