Scotland Pàirt a Dhà

Scotland part two, Stirling.



Since I did not have an itinerary or agenda, it was just hanging and going with the flow. Staying with my gracious host Yemi, who lives in a flat between the Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument, I had a great feel for the town and the people of Stirling.


The Stirling Castle was an amazing place to visit and view the surrounding area. I walked up to the castle walking a path that included the area where they would at one time perform be-headings. Nice.




I really enjoyed being on the castle grounds and touring inside.



Yes, there was a throne fit for a Queen.



The outside walls of the castle still had pot marks and from wars of long ago. The details on the outside were very gothic.




Every day seem dark overcast, but I expected nothing better.  It was perfect.




The town of Stirling include some fantastic old buildings as well as warm and friendly residents.




I felt very warm and welcome while walking in the community.




One of the places I enjoyed was Katie’s Bar. A simple but friendly pub.




I would call Stirling my “local” experience. I can’t say I had great food there other then some Irish breakfast meals that I am still craving. The pubs seemed to have mostly pre-made food, not local.  I am sure there is better places there to eat and I will search more next time.





and finally, an end to one of their soggy, drunk, nights.




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