If this year didn’t suck enough…

As we come up to the end of this year 2017, I have befallen another bump in life.

Although there are many more people that are currently going through hurdles much more serious and deserving of support then my problems, I am humbling asking for financial help in replacing all of my camera equipment stolen from my car December 9th.

I was in a restaurant in Pennsylvania in the front parking spot on a major road with my camera bag and laptop left in between the back seats of my suburban. The two camera bodies, lenses and flash were expensive Canon pro models.

Since I am in a bit of flux in my living environment and my truck is quite old with 274,000 miles on it, I do not have renter’s insurance or property loss on the automobile insurance. My client income is down 40% this year. It has already been a struggle.

Rather then put up a simple crowd funding page, I want to offer some packages that may have interest to many of my friends and followers.

In the past year I have taken pictures at numerous events and parties, while also taking numerous portraits without charging or charging for modeling fees.   For the most part, I do not receive monetary compensation. Usually entrance and maybe a drink as well and of course ownership of my pictures.

I am offering “unofficial” Year Books of the events for 2017. These high quality, hard cover picture books will feature approximately 24 pictures in each volume. 8.5” x 11” landscape. This keepsake book is ideal for the book shelf, waiting room table, or living room coffee table.

If you had attended an event and I took your picture, I would be glad to make sure your picture is in the volume you purchase. Each book is a print on demand, so customization is possible.

Please visit my Shopify page to see my current offerings:


I will add more including a package to schedule me to shoot your event. $150 and up depending on requirements.

I also created a GoFundMe for Karma, goodwill and appreciation.


Once I achieve replacement cost, I will post and host a thank you event at a location to be announced.

I have had quite an adventure in the last couple of years and the best part was the amazing people I have met in the different communities and circles. Many I cherish as good friends. I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support. It pains me to put this up because I have always felt that I have more to give people then I would want in return. Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a quagmire without my tools of my passion.

I was at a networking event called ‘Team Rise Together’ about a year ago and as I was talking to people and an actor named Sparkman said to me, ‘It is great that you have so much to offer, but what can we do for you?’  As flustered as I may have appeared, I was truly touched by that.

Up until last week, I did not have an answer.


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