Daniel Rodriguez and Marla Kavanaugh at Lincoln Center

I knew this event was coming up. I had a funny feeling this Monday morning and I messaged Marla to ask. She gives me the time and the venue and there will be a ticket at will call.  So I ask, what day?  She answered, Tonight!!

Having just had all my camera equipment stolen the weekend before (see the previous blog just below this one about that) I rushed and purchased a camera body in the afternoon and literally started it up for the first time at the venue.

Marla Kavanaugh is the founding member of the Scottish music group “The Highland Divas”.


The event, Spirit of Christmas Spectacular is an annual event to raise money for the Catholic schools of Brooklyn and Queens.


You may know Marla’s husband, Daniel Rodriguez. Daniel as sung for years and as a NYC Police officer was known as “The Singing Policeman”,  He was a first responder on 911 and witnessed the collapse of both towers nearly losing his life. He was featured at the Yankee Stadium concert “Prayer for America” and I recall the touching voice that helped give America hope and strength.


Also accompanying Daniel was Karina Nuvo who had sang and was included in at least one of Daniel’s albums.


The whole event was beautiful and touching.



Accompanying on piano was the talented Jessie Lynch.

I thought this tender moment was one of the best captures of the night.



My evening with this group ended at a pub across the street, but not before some posing in front of the Lincoln Center courtyard.


Thank you Marla and Daniel!




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