Rapper Street Shoot

After meeting and agent of Red NYC in the East Village, I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of his clients, rappers GucciFurrr @icedoutguccifurrr and MorBucks @morbucksgc.


Check out MorBucks’ YouTube.


My vision was to show a connection with New York City, these guys, and working in a creative street environment.


Check out GucciFurrr’s YouTube here.


I took them through a few locations that I knew I could show them in the city night. I also knew of an set being constructed in the street and put them in front of it for effect. The equipment and background added to what I wanted to portray.


There is a certain darkness in the city at night I wanted to take advantage of that lets the background lights add to the picture without distracting.


I really like the effect of this next shot. I went across the street and shot this with the 70-200. Waiting for the right taxi and angle. I really like a NYC shot with a yellow taxi.


Taking advantage of equipment on the street.


I kept in mind through the shoot that I wasn’t only capturing these guys, but also as if what they were wearing, whether it be for editorial or advertisement.


Fantastic gentlemen and professional attitudes. Look forward to another opportunity to work with them.



Brooklyn Tweed Ride 2016

An unseasonably warm day on Sunday for the annual Brooklyn Tweed Ride 2016. Meeting at Grand Army Plaza in front of Prospect Park in Brooklyn the sweltering tweeded riders met for a group photo and to begin their route.

After a short time to gather, Steve Rosen put everyone together for a group photo.


Although I was just there to get a few photos, there was Steve Rosen, the event photographer, there to capture more formal photographs.

My love of tweed was my first priority and of course Adam was impeccable in true vintage.


Maria looked fantastic and was a pleasure to talk to again.


Matthew and Michelle.


Everyone looked so amazing in their outfits and shared a love of the style.




I really enjoyed capturing everyone with the fall colors in the background. It is my favorite time of year.



D Jill Rosie.









John and Matthew





Networking Actor’s Style

The largest piece of the puzzle in the success of any person or business is networking and connecting with other people and businesses. I was fortunate to connect with this group of actors, producers, and writers to the event Team Rise Together at The Attic rooftop bar and lounge in New York City hosted by Marc Chouen and Thomas J. Bellezza. http://www.bbrproductions.com


When you get a bunch of actors together, fun pursues, but there was plenty of introductions and real conversations. I met some great people with some interesting backgrounds and experience.



I am not normally involved with the “talent” portion of advertising or marketing, and honestly I watch very little tv, movies, internet shows, or theatre, so I was a bit concerned to meet people that depend on those venues. I hoped my lack of knowledge of the latest detective police shows or what is currently on Broadway would hinder my connection with this group. Of course I was not quizzed or embarrassed by not recognizing any reference.



It was very interesting mingling and talking about pursuits and experiences. One person asked me what is it that I was looking for and what could they do for me. That was incredibly thought provoking and a topic I need to delve. I have an “end game” in most areas of my life, but my photography career goals are quite a bit open.



I truly consider the events that I photograph more of a networking event as oppose to an event job. The opportunity to meet people with diverse backgrounds and connections is worth much more then the time spent. Another important factor to consider as a part of these events are followup. You must take the effort after the events to reconnect not only in social media, but through direct connections such as email, coffee, other events.


I believe my “end game” from this event was meeting some incredible people I hope to not only photograph in the future, possible business opportunities, but maybe some lasting friendships.


I have to add one interesting note to this that I unfortunately did not get a picture of. About fifteen years ago I use to work with Jive Records/Zomba Records, better known as the label for Britney Spears, NSync, Backstreet Boys, R Kelly, etc. I worked with the department that produced the marketing materials and cd covers. There was this seventeen year old kid named Mason that worked there as his first job in the IT department. I had a number of conversations with him, great guy, eager to learn and start his career. Well at the networking event some guy was looking at me and asked if I had worked at Zomba. Mason!  He has grown to be a successful man, no longer in IT, and he told me something that brings these networking events to heart. He told me that I had given him advice that really meant something to him and used in his pursuits.

Networking in order to help others as well as mentoring is more important then any lead or self serving opportunity. Knowing that I have helped people with my knowledge and connections means more to me then any work lead. At the end of the day, that is what it is all about.




The band with no name album cover

I ran across this Brooklyn group hanging around Sleepy Hollow for the day. They clearly had a presence that I wanted to capture. I talked to them for a bit and turned out they were musicians and miscellaneous jobs in Brooklyn. Of course I asked them to pose for some pictures for me.


Being quite the characters of punk, goth and Brooklyn hipster, we had fun posing a few different group shots.


Since the sun was setting I was able to capture them in a magic hour glowing red orange which looked just amazing.

The portrait shots were equally fantastic in the light


I believe the “money shot” was the backs facing the sunset.Each person viewing and taking it in individually, but as a group.  I was lucky to capture the bird right in the sun.


Great day and great people. Hope to connect again.


ComicCon New York

Fantastic time taking pictures at Comic Con New York last weekend.


There were some amazing Cosplay costumes and actors. There was a complete range from simple costumers to elaborate professionally looking with incredible makeup.

I really enjoyed the makeup of artist Jacque Lombardo @jacquelombardo on Instagram.

I saw that many of the photographers were taking pretty standard shots of the full body costumes. To me, that was like taking photos of fireworks. Even in poses I wanted to do something different.

I chose to photograph as I was capturing the people in the costume like a portrait.

I was hoping to photograph them differently then the standard cosplayer shots and something more pleasing an enjoyable to a non-cosplayer.

I did get some atmosphere shots and I toyed with these Crystal Palace captures with either Maria the Princess or the Harley Quinn.

More atmosphere.

It was a treat photographing so many people in colorful outfits.


I met some remarkable people who I hope to connect with again. Author Jessica Carson and actor/musician Thomas J. Bellezza and actor Katrina Perkins.

Thank you Kelsey, Kayla, and Max. I had a great time.

New York Renaissance Faire 2016

2016 was a wonderful year at the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo New York. Not only did my son love the faeries, characters, and pirates, we met the most amazing people and now call friends.

It was also a great opportunity to capture some colorful photos of some hard working people. The costumes and makeup beg to be noticed, photographed and admired.

Upon arriving and getting my first meade of the day, we race towards the faerie forest to say hello to our friends. The lighting in the forest can be a challenge, but I enjoy making the dark backgrounds and the subjects pop in the pictures.

The different times of the day and the different areas of the faire allow for the same subject to be photographed with different moods and background.

Looking forward to next year’s faire as well as seeing our new friends at other venues.

More pictures in the gallery.


Christopher Pugliese Exhibit

I was invited to the opening of the Christopher Pugliese exhibition titled “The Witness” at the Domenico Vadda fashion house flagship store on 55th Street in NYC.

A wonderful evening in the middle of New York Fashion Week at the Domenico Vadda Club venue above their store. The tour of the venue included their styling salon, barber, and bespoke tailoring facilities.


After a run in with a glass door in the beginning of the evening and a trip to the hospital, Christopher pleased the crowd with a late entrance.

I was able to capture a number of people including the host, fashion house founder Domenico Vacca.


Interesting artwork including a dripped blood…


Susanna Domosi 


Lera Loeb:


My muse for the evening


Mike Falcon artist:


and of course we had the opportunity to browse the dapper line of Domenico Vadda clothes


I was not totally prepared for this shoot since I was not certain that I would even be taking pictures. Everything captured on a Canon 6D with Sigma ART 35mm 1.4 lens mostly with Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT.

The full gallery of pictures can be seen on my Facebook album




Shannon in Brooklyn

I met Shannon as she was working a pop-up booth at the Chelsea Market in New York City. I was taking some friends on a tour of the Highline Park and had first met up in the market for lunch.

As usual as a street and people photographer I am always noticing people and I am not afraid to ask someone to take their picture for my Instagram feed. Shannon is a beautiful red head in a booth of very interesting shoes. After getting permission and taking a couple of pictures I asked her about the shoes as well as took notice of the interest and questions about the shoes from the people browsing the market.

The concept is taking men’s button shirts and recycling the textile as a cover to the women’s slide on shoes. The company is called Starch Slides. Shannon Crowley is the CEO and founder.


Starch Slides are eco-friendly, fashion forward slides. Made from used, unwanted button up shirts, keeping resources down and eliminating waste.


After publishing the photos on Ingram and the positive response, we connected a few weeks later for more pictures in Brooklyn. Turns out Shannon not only had taught model classes, but was a successful  model herself. Working with her was a fantastic experience.


Of course Brooklyn is an incredibly photogenic area and it is always a pleasure to shoot pictures there.


Within a six block area we not only had the bridges, water and NYC skyline, but parks, street art and gothic homes.


We had discussed other photo scenarios and we have been in touch looking forward to more photos soon.


Getting this puppy started

This is the post excerpt.

After years of working in the advertising and creative community in the print design, retouching and production, I have decided to make an official step into the world of professional photographer.

I don’t come in as an iPhone user that has taken a few good shots, but as a seasoned photographer that has never had to charge or use the skills as a revenue source. I have been lucky to have a great day job.

Due to changes in my world, I have looked at my skills and abilities and most importantly at my love of taking picture and will be doing services and producing artwork as a career addition.

I welcome you to follow my new journey and allow me to tell stories in my pictures.