Shannon in Brooklyn

I met Shannon as she was working a pop-up booth at the Chelsea Market in New York City. I was taking some friends on a tour of the Highline Park and had first met up in the market for lunch.

As usual as a street and people photographer I am always noticing people and I am not afraid to ask someone to take their picture for my Instagram feed. Shannon is a beautiful red head in a booth of very interesting shoes. After getting permission and taking a couple of pictures I asked her about the shoes as well as took notice of the interest and questions about the shoes from the people browsing the market.

The concept is taking men’s button shirts and recycling the textile as a cover to the women’s slide on shoes. The company is called Starch Slides. Shannon Crowley is the CEO and founder.

Starch Slides are eco-friendly, fashion forward slides. Made from used, unwanted button up shirts, keeping resources down and eliminating waste.


After publishing the photos on Ingram and the positive response, we connected a few weeks later for more pictures in Brooklyn. Turns out Shannon not only had taught model classes, but was a successful  model herself. Working with her was a fantastic experience.


Of course Brooklyn is an incredibly photogenic area and it is always a pleasure to shoot pictures there.


Within a six block area we not only had the bridges, water and NYC skyline, but parks, street art and gothic homes.


We had discussed other photo scenarios and we have been in touch looking forward to more photos soon.


Getting this puppy started

This is the post excerpt.

After years of working in the advertising and creative community in the print design, retouching and production, I have decided to make an official step into the world of professional photographer.

I don’t come in as an iPhone user that has taken a few good shots, but as a seasoned photographer that has never had to charge or use the skills as a revenue source. I have been lucky to have a great day job.

Due to changes in my world, I have looked at my skills and abilities and most importantly at my love of taking picture and will be doing services and producing artwork as a career addition.

I welcome you to follow my new journey and allow me to tell stories in my pictures.