If this year didn’t suck enough…

As we come up to the end of this year 2017, I have befallen another bump in life.

Although there are many more people that are currently going through hurdles much more serious and deserving of support then my problems, I am humbling asking for financial help in replacing all of my camera equipment stolen from my car December 9th.

I was in a restaurant in Pennsylvania in the front parking spot on a major road with my camera bag and laptop left in between the back seats of my suburban. The two camera bodies, lenses and flash were expensive Canon pro models.

Since I am in a bit of flux in my living environment and my truck is quite old with 274,000 miles on it, I do not have renter’s insurance or property loss on the automobile insurance. My client income is down 40% this year. It has already been a struggle.

Rather then put up a simple crowd funding page, I want to offer some packages that may have interest to many of my friends and followers.

In the past year I have taken pictures at numerous events and parties, while also taking numerous portraits without charging or charging for modeling fees.   For the most part, I do not receive monetary compensation. Usually entrance and maybe a drink as well and of course ownership of my pictures.

I am offering “unofficial” Year Books of the events for 2017. These high quality, hard cover picture books will feature approximately 24 pictures in each volume. 8.5” x 11” landscape. This keepsake book is ideal for the book shelf, waiting room table, or living room coffee table.

If you had attended an event and I took your picture, I would be glad to make sure your picture is in the volume you purchase. Each book is a print on demand, so customization is possible.

Please visit my Shopify page to see my current offerings:


I will add more including a package to schedule me to shoot your event. $150 and up depending on requirements.

I also created a GoFundMe for Karma, goodwill and appreciation.


Once I achieve replacement cost, I will post and host a thank you event at a location to be announced.

I have had quite an adventure in the last couple of years and the best part was the amazing people I have met in the different communities and circles. Many I cherish as good friends. I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support. It pains me to put this up because I have always felt that I have more to give people then I would want in return. Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a quagmire without my tools of my passion.

I was at a networking event called ‘Team Rise Together’ about a year ago and as I was talking to people and an actor named Sparkman said to me, ‘It is great that you have so much to offer, but what can we do for you?’  As flustered as I may have appeared, I was truly touched by that.

Up until last week, I did not have an answer.



Scotland Pàirt a Dhà

Scotland part two, Stirling.



Since I did not have an itinerary or agenda, it was just hanging and going with the flow. Staying with my gracious host Yemi, who lives in a flat between the Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument, I had a great feel for the town and the people of Stirling.


The Stirling Castle was an amazing place to visit and view the surrounding area. I walked up to the castle walking a path that included the area where they would at one time perform be-headings. Nice.




I really enjoyed being on the castle grounds and touring inside.



Yes, there was a throne fit for a Queen.



The outside walls of the castle still had pot marks and from wars of long ago. The details on the outside were very gothic.




Every day seem dark overcast, but I expected nothing better.  It was perfect.




The town of Stirling include some fantastic old buildings as well as warm and friendly residents.




I felt very warm and welcome while walking in the community.




One of the places I enjoyed was Katie’s Bar. A simple but friendly pub.




I would call Stirling my “local” experience. I can’t say I had great food there other then some Irish breakfast meals that I am still craving. The pubs seemed to have mostly pre-made food, not local.  I am sure there is better places there to eat and I will search more next time.





and finally, an end to one of their soggy, drunk, nights.




Edinburgh Scotland 10/2017

I joke with friends that I have more friends in Scotland then I do in NYC. It feels like that sometimes. So when I needed to get away from the drama in the city, it was not a difficult decision where I needed to go for soul soothing.


Lets start this by talking about Edinburgh.


The city is very international and usually includes a fair number of tourists. October was pretty quiet and I did not have to compete for space among crowds of visitors. It was quite peaceful and relaxing.


I stayed with my bestie Yemi, Yemi King Photography, in Stirling, which is centrally located between Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Perfect to connect with friends in most areas of this region.



Easy access allowed me to wander and relax among the restaurants, pubs, and sights of this great old city.


The monuments and buildings had a character of their own and flourished in the night’s light. I was quite happy strolling the area and just enjoying and taking in all the sights and sounds of the city.




The days and evenings spent in Edinburgh also included amazing food, whisky and Cuban cigars. What a thrill it was to sit outside Dirty Dick’s on Rose Street with mussels, haggis, Islay single malt whisky and a cigar by myself in a very light drizzle watching the people walk by. It did not bother me in the least that I know my picture was taken about a half dozen times.


Time with friends in Edinburgh included of course Yemi, Alan, and a visit and fitting at my friends Dan and Vixy at Stewart Christie & Co., the 300 year old bespoke tailor in Edinburgh.



I did not get into a museum or monument, but they touched me nonetheless. I expect future trips will include those.


It was a fantastic time to stroll and take pictures or sit and chat with friends or meet new people.


I will write soon about the other places I saw and the people I met or visited with. Scotland to me was much more then the places. It was the people.


I will be back soon.


Stay tuned for Stirling, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, and Glencoe.


Join me Sunday April 9, 2017 for your Portrait in support of the Elizabeth Street Garden

I will be taking 100 Portraits 

I am doing an awareness project to bring attention to the garden that the City of New York would like to close and build low income housing in Soho. The park has been there for 25 years and before that it was a school playground and meeting area for many years.

Elizabeth Street Garden is located about two blocks South of Houston Street at 209 Elizabeth Street.

I will be at the garden tomorrow, Sunday, April 9th from about 11am to about 2:30pm.

I will be doing more dates in the weeks to come, as well as appointments, but I wanted to reach out to my friends that are here from out of town this weekend.

Show up and let me take your portrait in support of the garden.










Rapper Street Shoot

After meeting and agent of Red NYC in the East Village, I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of his clients, rappers GucciFurrr @icedoutguccifurrr and MorBucks @morbucksgc.


Check out MorBucks’ YouTube.


My vision was to show a connection with New York City, these guys, and working in a creative street environment.


Check out GucciFurrr’s YouTube here.


I took them through a few locations that I knew I could show them in the city night. I also knew of an set being constructed in the street and put them in front of it for effect. The equipment and background added to what I wanted to portray.


There is a certain darkness in the city at night I wanted to take advantage of that lets the background lights add to the picture without distracting.


I really like the effect of this next shot. I went across the street and shot this with the 70-200. Waiting for the right taxi and angle. I really like a NYC shot with a yellow taxi.


Taking advantage of equipment on the street.


I kept in mind through the shoot that I wasn’t only capturing these guys, but also as if what they were wearing, whether it be for editorial or advertisement.


Fantastic gentlemen and professional attitudes. Look forward to another opportunity to work with them.



Brooklyn Tweed Ride 2016

An unseasonably warm day on Sunday for the annual Brooklyn Tweed Ride 2016. Meeting at Grand Army Plaza in front of Prospect Park in Brooklyn the sweltering tweeded riders met for a group photo and to begin their route.

After a short time to gather, Steve Rosen put everyone together for a group photo.


Although I was just there to get a few photos, there was Steve Rosen, the event photographer, there to capture more formal photographs.

My love of tweed was my first priority and of course Adam was impeccable in true vintage.


Maria looked fantastic and was a pleasure to talk to again.


Matthew and Michelle.


Everyone looked so amazing in their outfits and shared a love of the style.




I really enjoyed capturing everyone with the fall colors in the background. It is my favorite time of year.



D Jill Rosie.









John and Matthew





Networking Actor’s Style

The largest piece of the puzzle in the success of any person or business is networking and connecting with other people and businesses. I was fortunate to connect with this group of actors, producers, and writers to the event Team Rise Together at The Attic rooftop bar and lounge in New York City hosted by Marc Chouen and Thomas J. Bellezza. http://www.bbrproductions.com


When you get a bunch of actors together, fun pursues, but there was plenty of introductions and real conversations. I met some great people with some interesting backgrounds and experience.



I am not normally involved with the “talent” portion of advertising or marketing, and honestly I watch very little tv, movies, internet shows, or theatre, so I was a bit concerned to meet people that depend on those venues. I hoped my lack of knowledge of the latest detective police shows or what is currently on Broadway would hinder my connection with this group. Of course I was not quizzed or embarrassed by not recognizing any reference.



It was very interesting mingling and talking about pursuits and experiences. One person asked me what is it that I was looking for and what could they do for me. That was incredibly thought provoking and a topic I need to delve. I have an “end game” in most areas of my life, but my photography career goals are quite a bit open.



I truly consider the events that I photograph more of a networking event as oppose to an event job. The opportunity to meet people with diverse backgrounds and connections is worth much more then the time spent. Another important factor to consider as a part of these events are followup. You must take the effort after the events to reconnect not only in social media, but through direct connections such as email, coffee, other events.


I believe my “end game” from this event was meeting some incredible people I hope to not only photograph in the future, possible business opportunities, but maybe some lasting friendships.


I have to add one interesting note to this that I unfortunately did not get a picture of. About fifteen years ago I use to work with Jive Records/Zomba Records, better known as the label for Britney Spears, NSync, Backstreet Boys, R Kelly, etc. I worked with the department that produced the marketing materials and cd covers. There was this seventeen year old kid named Mason that worked there as his first job in the IT department. I had a number of conversations with him, great guy, eager to learn and start his career. Well at the networking event some guy was looking at me and asked if I had worked at Zomba. Mason!  He has grown to be a successful man, no longer in IT, and he told me something that brings these networking events to heart. He told me that I had given him advice that really meant something to him and used in his pursuits.

Networking in order to help others as well as mentoring is more important then any lead or self serving opportunity. Knowing that I have helped people with my knowledge and connections means more to me then any work lead. At the end of the day, that is what it is all about.